HIPAA Certification for Individuals

Do you know if you have taken the right level of HIPAA certification? Does your certificate mention your HIPAA credential name? Did you take the certification test for expert or beginner level?

It is difficult to decide which HIPAA certificate one should pursue? Many vendors who offer HIPAA training are only offering basic level training and their expert level training of 4-5 hours do not address the regulation in depth. The first step towards the compliance is to train your HIPAA privacy and security officer with the comprehensive level training of at least 22 hours. This ensures that one person in your company REALLY understands the HIPAA rules.

Call us for a free consultation to help you select the right level of certification. If you are comparing courses from different vendors then we can tell you which certificate will help you to meet your learning objectives and why.Cal

Different Level of HIPAA Credentials

We provide HIPAA Certification Course as listed in below table along with its prerequisite and who is qualified to take these HIPAA Certification courses.




Recommended for:

ExpertCertified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE®)chpseNoneHIPAA Compliance Officer, HIPAA Privacy Officer, HIPAA Security Officer, Healthcare Consultant, HIPAA Consultant, Chief Information Officer, Attorney, HIPAA Compliance Team Members, Software Architect, 
Software Team Lead
IntermediateCertified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE®)chpeNoneHR Staff, HIPAA Privacy Compliance Team, HR Manager, Privacy Attorney, Head Nurse
IntermediateCertified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE®)chseNoneIT Managers, IT Staff, Software Developers, HIPAA Security Compliance Team members, Network Engineers, Software Architects


Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA®)chpaNoneAny employee of Cover Entity, Any employee of Business Associate, Medical Student, Interns, Insurance Agent, Medical Device Sales Rep, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep